Top 10 Real Estate Agency Brokers in UAE

Top 10 Real Estate Agency Brokers in UAE

Real estate transactions in the UAE have risen 10% in Q1 2020 with nearly 10,243 dealings in total. Moreover, people are more inclined to invest in property business due to the 2.2% increase in UAE’s GDP. This shows that the property market in the UAE is rising, and so is the business of real estate agents. Here is a list of the top 10 real estate brokers in Dubai.

Top 10 Real Estate Brokers in UAE

Top 10 Real Estate Agency Brokers in the UAE 2020

Top 10 Real Estate Agency Brokers in Dubai

1.       Footprint Real Estate

Footprint Real Estate is a leading property dealer in the UAE. Also, they have highly experienced teams in Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. Besides the UAE, Footprint Real State also has its hold in other global markets. Moreover, they have the vision to lead internationally and become the global benchmark for excellence in real estate services.

Footprint Real Estate is known for meeting the needs of the most dynamic and demanding property requirements of individuals, companies, and investors. They have earned this reputation by creating tailored solutions to minimize risk and maximize value for each client. Customer satisfaction is their ultimate goal and they prefer to always be ahead of the curve in order to maintain their top position in the competitive market UAE.

The company is managed by top real estate agents who have demonstrated outstanding business management capabilities during years of senior positions in management consulting firms with significant exposure to the real estate industry in the UAE. Management of your property goals is of greatest importance to Footprint Real Estate.

2.  Commercial Real Estate Consultants (CRC)

CRC is a leading real estate brokerage in UAE and an affiliate of Better Homes L.L.C. With the experience of over 32.8 years, CRC is also an expert in commercial property dealings. Additionally, they have a team of 30 property experts who specialize in selling, buying, and commercial leasing.

3.   Espace Real Estate

Espace real estate broker is serving since 2015. Also, Espace holds Dubai’s Best Brokerage Award of 2015. In addition to a workforce of 70 staff members, they have 52 agents. They are a traditional UK-standard agency top real estate brokers in Dubai. Their experience spans 13.1 years.

4.   Azco Real Estate

Azco Real Estate provides premium real estate services to its customers. Also, they have experience of over 13.3 years. Azco has 33 agents who are experts to deal with integrity. Furthermore, they provide one-stop best property solutions in Dubai.

5.  Peace Homes Real Estate

Peace Homes offers a complete portfolio of real estate services such as leasing, rental, sales, and buying of commercial and residential properties in Dubai. According to Dubai Land Department, they are certified top real estate brokers. Moreover, they are working for 6.3 years.

6.  Harbor Real Estate

Harbor Real Estate provides holistic real estate services and tangible property solutions to its clients across UAE. Plus, The Harborians have over 12.3 years of real estate experience and have 22 veteran agents with exceptional real estate understanding. They are ISO 9001:2005 certified and are committed to satisfying their clients for more than a decade.

7.   FAM Real Estate

FAM Real Estate is a dedicated property consultant who covers all the areas in Dubai. Besides working with an experience of over 12.6 years, their 69 agents know all about the real estate market. Additionally, they can speak most languages to deal with their customers.

8.  Square Yards Real Estate

Square Yards Real Estate is a group of global real estate service providers and property advisors. They have a portfolio of top-notch developers across 12 countries. Their investment portfolios are worth more than $800 million, spanning their experience of 6.8 years in the real estate business.

9.  Allsopp & Allsopp Real Estate

Allsopp & Allsopp Real Estate Brokers are British-owned top real estate agents in Dubai. They have experience of 12.6 years and have a skilled force of 81 agents. They have a mandate to serve all the property needs of their customers throughout the UAE.

10.  Better Livings Real Estate

Better Livings was established in 2006 in Dubai to provide web-based real estate solutions to brokers, dealers, investors, and those interested in property dealings. They deal in all types of selling, buying, and rental property services.