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Property Management Services

Real estate is an asset class that requires proactive management to maximise returns. Our asset management team assists clients to develop real estate strategies for their short, medium and long-term investment goals.

Property management is not a part-time occupation. Tenants expect and demand for service to be available 24 hours a day all year round. Our facilities management team ensures that maintenance support is available when and where needed.

We can review your real estate portfolio and develop a performance improving strategy. This would include identifying and implementing income and value enhancement initiatives through refurbishment and redevelopment opportunities, improvements in reactive and planned maintenance and the re-gearing of leases.


Footprint Real Estate takes pride in managing residential properties for its clients globally. We ensure that your residential properties are well maintained and the value of your assets continuously appreciates. Our team manages your tenants and all procedures in an efficient and professional manner. Our real estate advisors are available round the clock to share industry insight and market forecast. Our team is always there to assist you in taking timely decisions. The tenant satisfaction index is a system created by Footprint Real Estate which incorporates the feedback about our property management services team. This helps landlords to analyze the performance of our team through tenants satisfaction survey and many other key performance indicators. This is the reason that Footprint Real Estate is one of the leading property management services provider leader in UAE.


Footprint Real Estate has a dedicated team which is exclusively trained to manage commercial properties. Our commercial property management function serves the entire spectrum of commercial properties, from retail to warehouses, hospitals to hotels, labor camps to manufacturing units, private offices to government buildings, and much more. Each industry is served as per the requirements and our packages are tailor made to fit your requirements. Our team ensures that your commercial properties are well maintained and the tenants are satisfied at all times. Our commercial property reporting system submits detailed analysis about the performance of your assets compared to market average. We guarantee that you receive bespoke services from us at all times coupled with great value and high returns.

Why Property Management?

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Footprint Real Estate serves both the institutional and private owners for bespoke property management services. We can help you to enhance the value of your assets through proactive property management with extraordinary service. Our first class property management service enables your real estate assets to perform above market average which ultimately improves the profitability of your investments and long term value while reducing operating costs.

One Stop Solutions

Footprint Real Estate prides itself in offering a wide range of services mix to its clients. Superior value and excellence are the core values of our service experience. Our real estate consultants are available to serve you round the clock during any day of the week. From planning your viewing tours domestically and internationally, our team is equipped with state of the art technology to offer you virtual site tours for your convenience. Our response is prompt, our information is well researched and our advice is always honest. Our scope of services includes but is not limited to the following key functions:

5 Simple Steps

Footprint Real Estate offers the most simplistic step by step process to sign up for our property management services. Our clients receive a free property evaluation upon confirming to sign up for our services. We are here to assist you to save your time and cost. The quotation for our property management services vary depending on multiple factors. Some of the key factors include the condition of your property, the master developer, the quality of development, the profile of tenants, the third parties already signed up for various services, the legal documentation and many other factors. After our evaluation report, we prepare a quotation and save your cost on resolving key issues to ensure that your properties are always rented out above market average. Our focus is to increase your return on investment and ensure that your property is always found in the best of its condition.

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