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Property Management Services

Property management is not simply a service, but it is an attitude. Footprint Real Estate offers comprehensive property management services that are beyond managing simple documentation. The most important factor in our success is our team of dedicated professionals who are always ready to go the extra mile to serve our customers.

Our property management function operates on a simple principle which is, prevention is better than cure. We believe that everything has to be set right in the very beginning because an effort, in the beginning, helps to avoid costs at a later stage.

Why property management?

Our firm ensures that when it comes to your property investment, you are relieved of all the stress and you can be at ease! Our team takes care of conducting snagging for your new home so you can get it in the best condition. We also ensure that your tenant is accountable for any damages incurred during the tenancy. Besides, we are dedicated and our property management personnel takes the responsibility of the finer details. As the final process before listing we have professional photoshoots of the property then enlist your property on various online and offline platforms including Airbnb,, Expedia, and the likes as well as 27 different portals. We are also a Mortgage Broker, if you are a property owner in the UAE looking to finance new purchases or existing property, we will get tailored solutions from fully qualified advisors as well as access to low and competitive rates.

We are a forward-looking company with an experienced team of property consultants, who take an innovative approach to the property advice they provide to our clients. Our advisors can provide counsel to our clients on surveying, loss adjusting, valuation, and inspection. Our experience in the field of valuation spans all sectors of industry and business, ranging from simple market value determination to highly technical replacement cost derivations for complex operations. With the input of our experienced team, we offer the best information-gathering systems on-site followed by extensive post-survey research, which is delivered with an objective and comprehensive report. The fieldwork is aptly supported by a tillable infrastructure featuring a comprehensive database, library, and a wealth of background knowledge. These services deliver accurate and reliable information, which is vital for enhanced decision-making and improved efficiency in highly complex and competitive markets. We cover a vast area of property advice which includes investment and finance, landlord and tenant and valuation, project management, planning, and development, as well as residential.


Footprint Real Estate furthermore offers property maintenance services having an inhouse team. The maintenance team was trained to never say “No” to a client and their success is when their client simply smiles.

Our servicing team is well trained to carry out work in both residential and commercial spaces. We respect the family culture while operating in a residence and while servicing a commercial property. Also ensures that maintenance support is available when and where needed.

We can review your real estate portfolio and develop a performance improvement strategy. This would include identifying and implementing income and value enhancement initiatives. This will be through refurbishment and redevelopment opportunities, improvements in reactive and planned maintenance, and the re-gearing of leases.

What We Offer

  • Gardening
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Home Security
  • Pool Cover
  • Fence Installation
  • Artificial Grass Installation
  • Gypsum Partition and Ceiling Works
  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Tiles, Marbles, and Granites Installation Works
  • Carpentry and Joinery Works
  • AC Maintenance