Property Management during Pandemic

Property Management during Pandemic

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Pandemic has brought some never seen before challenges, but there is no point in giving up; we must find a way around to get through this time. The future can be bright for property management companies and landlords if they don’t stick themselves in the old business practices. Sharing here with you some business techniques that can help maximize the output and property management during a pandemic. Remember, thinking out of the box is the key!

First thing first, COVID -19 Precautions for all – Property Management Company, Landlord and Tenant

Real estate management during these exceptional times needs exceptional measures. By now, most of you must be taking the necessary precautions. Property management companies to landlords to tenants, everyone needs to take hands-on responsibility to ensure regular sanitization in and outside the building, proper temperature checks at the entrance of the building for residents and their guests along ensuring that the maintenance staff always wear masks and disinfect themselves regularly.

How to strategize the real estate/property management during pandemic?

The real estate market in UAE took a heavy hit at the start of the pandemic but now prices are stabilizing and this is just because property and real estate management companies have strategized their services with the right approach at the right time.

At the Footprint real estate, we specialize in leasing, buying, selling properties, real estate advisory, and 360 property management services. With 15 years in UAE’s market & branches across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman; we have successfully implemented innovative strategies to stay ahead of pandemic.

Virtual Tour:

Seeing is believing!

Footprint real estate believes that it is particularly important to satisfy the tenant with a tour of the property. As this is the ideal time to discuss all the benefits and luxuries included, whereas tenants can discuss their past experiences and current requirements. This is the reason that Footprint real estate has shifted to the virtual tours well before time.

Online Presence & Advertising:

Reaching out to the potential clients has become difficult more than ever due to pandemic. With our strong online presence and well-established portal, we ensure that every property gets noticed by its target audience. Digital is the new normal and we have aligned our property management services to get you the best results in these exceptional times.

Comprehensive Property Management Services:

What could be better than experts looking after your property and managing everything from scratch to finish. At Footprint real estate, we do just that and more! From handover & inspection of your property to Dewa and Gas Connection, tenant’s move-in/move out, rent collection, rent remittance, tenancy contract renewals, property maintenance and facility management; we do it all to remove the hassle out of your lives.

Remember, digital is the way to go & an experienced property management company can get you through this!

Looking at the current situation, we all know that the COVID-19 vaccine is here, but things will take time in getting back to normal and still a few things will never go in reverse gear. People have gotten used to the online means – they are easier and quicker. Ensure that your property management company can make it all work in your favor!