Landlords Guide

Landlords Guide for Property for Rent

Do you have a property in Dubai? Are you thinking of renting out your property but don’t know how to get started? Then don’t worry! Here is a quick landlord guide for property to rent in Dubai. Read through it to learn the steps to rent in Dubai. Once you lease your property in Dubai, you can generate an extra income source while maintaining property ownership.

Step-by-Step Landlords Guide for Property for Rent

Conduct CMA Scaled

Conduct a CMA

Get in touch with an expert in Dubai real estate for assistance with CMA (Comparative market analysis. It’s like a market valuation. It will give you a clear idea of what rental income you are likely to generate on your property.

Work with a Property Management Team

If you have multiple properties to rent, then it’s best to hire a property management team. With such a team of professionals, you can enjoy a stress-free rental income generation process. All you have to do is grant them a power of attorney to manage your property. After that, from property maintenance, rental collection, and contract renewal, they will take care of it all.

Property Management
Select a Broker

Select a Broker

Find a trusted and well-reputed broker to get your property listed.  They will work with you cohesively to find a potential tenant. With a reliable broker, you can expect them to get your property maximum exposure. Your broker will assist you with professional property photography, staging, marketing it online—all much needed to attract qualified tenants.

Retain Exclusivity

This means that you don’t get your property listed with many agents. Trust your broker and work with them exclusively. If you show confidence in them, they will work harder, helping you get the rental amount you desire.

Retain Exclusivity
Sign a RERA Form

Sign a RERA Form

In Dubai, all property owners must sign a RERA property listing form. This is needed as it gives the broker permission to market your property. Along with the signed document, you must also provide a copy of your ID and title deeds to the broker.

Opt for Short-Term Rental

Another critical step that we must highlight in this landlord guide for property for rent is considering a short-term rental. Short-term rental offers yield higher returns and more flexibility.

Now that you know these steps, we are confident that you’ll be able to navigate through renting out your property. 

Short-Term Rental