International investment

Footprint Real Estate represents a diversified portfolio of international properties. We have promoted international projects after conducting stringent due diligence procedures. Moreover, our international project management teams continually visit projects under development to ensure that the projects are delivered in time and the quality of development is not compromised.

We handpick international projects that offer the security of investment along with exceptional profitability. This positions us as one of the very few real estate agencies who can truly create and manage a diversified real estate portfolio for the investors.

Our team not only offers services within UAE but we have a team of experts covering worldwide destinations. We have successfully promoted bespoke real estate projects in central London, Toronto, New York, Riyadh, Dammam, Muscat, Sohar, Manama, Karbala, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Lahore, Karachi, Mumbai, and Caribbean Islands.

Our international real estate experts take into consideration a wide variety of factors that contribute to making an informed international real estate investment decision.

Our strategic alliances with international lawyers and financial institutions ensure complete transparency and security of your investments. Our international sales team plans and assists your visits to international properties and is ready to serve you anywhere in the world.

We will scout and give you the best property quotation in the market. We will ensure the property acquired will be in a strategic location and still yield returns ten, twenty even fifty years from now regardless of the market season.

Benefits of international investment with us

Not only are there plenty of notable opportunities in the overseas market but our investors will be able to secure, increase, and multiply their wealth hence can plan for the future accordingly.

Investing internationally will allow you to earn higher returns and strengthen tax strategy and in some countries, you may even get a residency or passport for investing in real estate. There are huge investments in real estate and trust us with the responsibility we will ensure we capitalize on the best investments on your behalf.

We will help you secure your assets. Investing in international real estate is an effective and safe method of safeguarding your assets. Our firm will help you evade facetious lawsuits if ever our investor is subjected to it and we will advise on how to avoid future scenarios in order to protect your investments.

International investments are a form of government insurance in the case of serious economic warfare of motherland therefore we at Footprint we will ensure that you invest in more stable markets as an insurance policy against potential conflicts that may arise in the future.

We will also help you diversify your life by investing in real estate properties. By this we mean you will be able to learn, experience, and be knowledgeable of the trends and market value of other countries, therefore, broadening your spectrum in real estate and possibly continue investing in other countries other than the motherland which will eventually grow your assets.

To make smart real estate investment decisions, the investors will need to travel to view properties and finalize purchasing agreements. It will give you exposure and you get to explore the world to your liking even with your family helping you craft a more diversified and internationalized lifestyle.

Our firm will also open doors to other Investments in different fields that are in favor of the investor. We want to help you diversify and grow your asset to its maximum beneficial potential.

We will also ensure that you will not end up squandering your income on one type of investment property because that can negate the purpose. Therefore, our team will provide you with the most suitable property listing that is authentic and yield more returns.