Commercial consultancy

We propose to offer services satisfying our Client’s demands within the required quality. Our clients’ trust is our drive to success for this reason we will never compromise on their satisfaction. We make Regular meetings between staff and the consultant which is the key to the achievement of any project.

We are registered Sales & Leasing Consultants with grand vision and enthusiasm for Dubai’s real estate market. Our team takes a personal approach to property consultations and listens and pieces of advice to guarantee that you leave fully satisfied whether buying, selling, or leasing residential or commercial property.

We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled advice and meeting any challenge that is received by us. Being close to our clients is vital. We need to know what keeps them awake at night. We consistently prove our value, categorically, and are the trusted advisors.

We draw on intricate industry knowledge, long-standing experience, and current market trends, they deliver bespoke advice to help clients with their property needs. From architectural design and heritage planning to business rates and development project management, our sector-spanning expertise can be all-encompassing, covering the full lifecycle of any project from strategic planning through to completion.

At Footprint, we work in Dubai and regional hubs, covering everything from city high rises to rural land and villas. Each of them has developed reputations as leaders in their respective fields, offering dedicated and unparalleled knowledge to apply to every instruction, backed by the wider research, expertise, and resources.

We carry out extensive mapping to meet requirements no matter the role function as each client’s requirements vary.

Our firm works with a wide range of real estate services businesses that provide consultancy and professional services to investors, developers, and occupiers of real estate. We also work with corporate real estate occupiers and companies.

The team advises across a range of functions;

  • Asset management
  • Property management
  • Facilities management
  • Valuation
  • Leasing
  • Planning
  • Development consultancy


At Footprint, we work with the most exciting and forward-thinking development and real estate clients. Clients range between entrepreneurial start-ups in new and emerging markets or established local and global players. We work with businesses to understand them, their teams, and what makes their business unique. We carry out extensive mapping to meet requirements no matter the role function.

Building & Construction

We also aid real estate services businesses, real estate developers, real estate investors, and occupiers, advising across functions including project management, building surveying, quantity surveying, health & safety, and construction management.

Planning, Architecture & Design

The Planning Architecture & Design Recruitment, we specialize in early development functions within real estate services businesses, occupiers, and developers. we have a team across a range of functions including strategic planning, town planning, development control, architecture, design, BIM, and interior design.

Residential Sales & Leasing

We are a company of highly trained professional real estate consultants for residential sales & leasing. where you get a sound accurate opinion regarding property investments. Our company provides our clients with tailored solutions and are available 24/7. We ensure that you get expert information paired with the current market trends and the best services.