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Muhammad Ather Khawaja

Muhammad Ather Khawaja

A young, energetic and visionary entrepreneur has over 14 years of real estate industry experience. An MBA degree holder started his entrepreneurial career in 2005 by setting up a real estate firm in Sharjah by the name of “Footprint Real Estate” and within few years under the leadership and innovative approach of Mr. Ather, the company became one of the fastest growing real estate firms of UAE. Today, Footprint Real Estate has offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman. He is a renowned and a credible name of the UAE’s real estate industry, he is also the head of Khamash group of companies, the group that has various businesses operating in Middle East and is one of the most credible and flourishing groups of UAE. Mr. Ather has been an advisor for local and international GCC companies, Member of Karachi chamber of commerce, GCC Market Advisory Commerce member, Advisor and Head of Export to Pakistan, Duchem based in SAIF zone and currently he is the member of Pakistan Business Council. Mr. Ather is on the panel of “Real Estate Expert” and would love to answer all your queries related to real estate industry. So, avail the expert’s advice right away!

CEO & Founder
Hamid Shabir Khawaja

Hamid Shabir Khawaja

One of the most humble personalities of UAE real estate industry, Mr. Hamid Shabir is on the panel of “Real Estate Expert”. He has a diversified sales experience and has been serving real estate industry of UAE for over a decade now. He has been 7 times top performers in different quarters of real estate sales and has been the best attendee in Oxford Workshop. Mr. Hamid is currently leading a sales team of over 80 members and has conducted hundreds of successful sales events in Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa. A teacher and trainer has extended his services to answer your queries related to real estate industry and share his expert views on current real estate scenarios. Write to him now and make a better real estate decision.

CCD & Co-Founder

Meet the Team

Success in the real estate industry is highly dependent on the professionalism and competitiveness of real estate agents, Footprint Real Estate is blessed to have agents with both these qualities and many others too. Since 2005, we are engaging and producing the best agents in the real estate industry.

At Footprint Real Estate, we strive to deliver the full suite of best-in-class real estate services. We strive to have our footprints in the UAE and worldwide—wherever there is real estate activity. Our goal is to become global industry leaders providing excellence in real estate.

Meet the team behind the vision and success of Footprint Real Estate. Our team works in your best interest to provide you with quality real estate advice to maximize returns. We help our clients make informed decisions with confidence.


Shahbaz Akhtar
Senior Property Leasing Consultant
Aamir Ali
Senior Property Leasing Consultant
Zafar Ahmed
Senior Property Leasing Consultant
Sohail Khan
Property Leasing Executive
Abdullah Qasim
Senior Property Leasing Consultant
Joy Banerjee
Sales Manager - Off plan
Naseem Kapoor
Team Leader
Saltanat Kydyralieva
Portfolio Manager
Shalin Verma
Sales Manager - Offplan
Zubair Uddin Butt
Senior Investment Advisor
Marwa Ahmad
Tele-Sales Executive
Humayoon Bhukari
Senior Investment Advisor
Siddharth Bharadwaj
Team Leader
Maneesh Bhatt
Regional Manager/ TL
Syed Mohammed Abbas
Senior Investment Advisor

Elvis Ngwa Aboringong
Sr. Graphic Designer
Muhammad Usman
Finance Manager
Muhammad Ali
Accounts Specialist
Rizwan Akram
General Accountant
Rida Zehra Naqvi
Human Resource and Admin Manager
Rochelle G. Gohing
Admin Assistant
Mansour Ismail
Public Relation Officer
Adeola Sotayo’Aro
Property Management Manager
Rainiel Antalan Calma
Lead Generation Executive