Reasons to Invest in Dubai

Reasons to Invest in Dubai

Reasons to Invest in Dubai

UAE government’s vigilance and vision have enabled it to gain a spot as the world’s most desirable destination. With every year, the number of foreign investors is increasing tremendously. They are creating a lot of business opportunities, set-ups, and ventures. There are many reasons to invest in Dubai

Over the years Dubai’s economy has grown. It has cemented its place as the ultimate hub for luxury, shopping, infrastructure, entertainment, and business center. Also known as the cosmopolitan destination, every year millions of foreigners visit Dubai for varied reasons. This has created numerous business opportunities making Dubai a magnet for investments.

Dubai is among the few cities that have taken advantage of capitalized on its diversity, geographical location, and contrasts. It is providing a portfolio of different properties suited for every lifestyle and preference. It helps the investors find investments that cater to their needs and necessities unlike any other.

In Dubai, there is access to a variety of markets like Asia, Africa, and the Middle-east. And even has greater links to international business hubs in Europe and America.

Here I will outline some reasons why investing in Dubai.

  • Dubai has minimal or no personal tax. The UAE government has lowered its taxes in order to attract more investors. As many business professionals tend to shy away from heavy taxation policies.
  • Dubai is the safest city in the world. It has a very low crime rate hence suitable for families and affluent business people and an efficient legal system.
  • Dubai is the world’s popular tourist destination in the world. It boasts of its five-star hotels, luxurious malls, numerous attractions, and ravishing beaches. Therefore, becoming a business hub for foreign investors.
  • It is readily accessible having direct flights from all the major cities in the world. Therefore opening a business in Dubai gives you exposure and access to the worldwide market. Which can lead to business growth and expansion eventually.
  • Dubai has various free zones hence tourists are enticed by this making Dubai a go-to destination.
  • The climate in Dubai is extremely favorable. It is appealing to foreigners with only 3 months of summer heat, therefore, a suitable destination at any given time.
  • Dubai is among the few cities that give property portfolios. It offers great scope for a variety of risks on different property types, rental levels, and locations which helps to spread the risk of unsteady flow of income.

Dubai infrastructures

  • Dubai has state-of-the-art infrastructures making it easy to commute from one place to another with ease, the tallest buildings in the world, the biggest and busiest airports, and the biggest man-made ports for cargo. Very convenient and hassle-free.
  • Property in Dubai is affordable as compared to other trading hubs in the world. There is a huge window for growth as prices have been on the rise by 10%.
  • Dubai offers numerous business opportunities for both investors and ex-pats. It has transformed itself into the land of opportunities and is suitable for investments also because of the high influx of investment which becomes almost impossible to pass up.
  • Dubai has a thriving economy. From being totally dependent on oil to now a hub of international business, it has boosted the GDP positively and has attracted billions of dollars in foreign investments alone making a safe haven for investors to set up their business with fewer risks.
  • Offers a conducive environment for business setup and has an array of locations to choose from depending on the choice of business industry.
  • Ensured 100% returns of capital invested and total profit earned by allowing complete freedom by the UAE government to investors hence drawing more business owners to invest.

It is a smart move for you to invest in Dubai and eventually grows your assets

  • The UAE government launched numerous incentives targeted at business owners which have led to immense capital investment and boosted and lifted the economy. The government has set to initiate more incentive plans in the coming months most especially to favor foreign investors.
  • Dubai has a politically stable government that has geared to work towards development in economical, social, cultural, environmental, and political domains with the aid of visionary leadership and peaceful regimes founded by the UAE’s founding fathers.
  • Dubai has liberal labor policies that make it easy to recruit manpower with the availability of skilled and skilled labor at cost-effective rates.
  • Highly competitive energy costs in relation to water, oil, and electricity.
  • The introduction of VAT has boosted the government’s revenue which in turn is spent on more infrastructure projects.
  • Good rental yields as a steady source of income in Dubai as it matures immediately compared to capital appreciation which is achieved only when selling a property or through leasing equity through a mortgage. Although it may fluctuate a lot, it offers an 8-10% rent return, (ROI).
  • High-quality lifestyle with affordable housing and excellent amenities and facilities.
  • Dubai has over 200 residential nationalities and is termed as the most diverse city to live and work in.
  • With the Ministry of Happiness in play, it ensures channel policies are improved and plans to achieve a happier society.
  • There is no language barrier in Dubai as English is the standard language spoken even with the existence of different nationalities.