5 Tips to reduce living cost in Dubai

5 Tips to reduce living cost in Dubai


According to Mercer’s cost of living survey, Dubai ranks 23rd in the world’s most expensive cities to live in in 2020. Thus, if you’re an ex-pat, you need to watch out for some tips to reduce living costs in Dubai.

In this article, we highlight 5 pro tips to reduce living costs in Dubai and how you can save money by living on a tight budget.

5 Tips to Reduce Living Costs in Dubai

1.      Opt for Cheaper Accommodation

Home rent is one of the biggest expenses that eat up most of the salary. If you’re opting to live in the Downtown or Dubai Marina , you might have to pay heavy rents for your living.

On the other hand, living in relatively cheaper areas such as International City, Dubai Sports City, and Jumeirah Village will greatly reduce your living cost in Dubai.

2.      Control Your Grocery Bills

Dining outdoors frequently can make you run off your budget. So, try home cooking and avoid spending much on restaurants and expensive eateries.

Furthermore, try shopping from cheap supermarkets such as Aswaaq, Baqer Mohebi, Fresh Deals DMCC, etc. This way, you’ll find low-priced deals to control your overall grocery bills.

3.      Look for New Opportunities

You can always seek new opportunities in Dubai to raise your monthly income, such as part-time teaching or freelancing. You can also work as a receptionist or a telesales marketer if you have a work permit.

Besides, Arabs are moving towards linguistics. So, if you’re an Anglophone, you can teach the English language to earn and live better in Dubai.

4.      Invest Less on Utility Bills

Dubai can be really hot to live in, specifically in summer. For ex-pats from Europe and other cold regions, the scorching weather may be hard to deal with. Thus, air-conditioners have become a necessity in Dubai.

You need to manage your budget by investing less in your utility bills. Moreover, you can also cut off your Netflix subscriptions to avoid stacking up your bills. Here, the goal is to save money in Dubai by cutting off life’s extra luxuries.

5.      Travel in Public Transport

Dubai has a myriad of cheap such as trams, buses, ferries, and metros. These amenities are one of the top tips to reduce living costs in Dubai.

Additionally, the Dubai Metro fares are very affordable, allowing you to travel the majority of the landmarks and districts in as little as AED 3. Besides, you can also buy your monthly NOL card for Dubai Metro that makes it easier to commute to different zones at discounted prices.

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