10 Reasons to Invest in Dubai Property and Real Estate

10 Reasons to Invest in Dubai Property and Real Estate

Why Invest in Dubai Properties and Real Estate Business

There are many reasons to invest in Dubai properties such as no income or capital gain tax, and tax-free investment. Moreover, Dubai is safe and secure for wealth-related ventures with a low crime index of 19.52.

Dubai is the hub of business, specifically for property and real estate investments. It’s one of the richest cities known for its ultra-modern architecture and luxurious living. Also, for business communities around the world, investments in downtown Dubai are always profitable to add to their net worth.

If you are wondering where and how to invest for better profitable opportunities, Dubai is the right place. Here are the 10 reasons you should invest in Dubai property and real estate business:

1.  Second Best Country for Rental Purchase

According to a survey of 25 countries by Go Banking Rates, UAE is the second-best country for rental purchases.

2.  Low Rental Income Tax

The country has only 5% of rental income tax with high rental demands. Also, Dubai is one of the most rental tax-friendly cities with a rental yield of 5.19%.

3.  Inexpensive Property

In comparison to other similar trading hubs such as Europe, property prices are relatively inexpensive in Dubai. Moreover, the demand has grown high in downtown areas with a high return on investment.

4.  Better Hedge against Inflation

In Dubai, the property business is a better hedge against inflation. Therefore, if the property value fluctuates, the debt values do not change. Also, the increasing cost can be covered via increased house rents.

5.  Good Rental Income

If you plan to invest in luxury areas, the rental income is a good way to raise your monthly revenue. Besides, valued real estate investment in Dubai is a good recovery. It is likely to bring about 8-10% of the total property rent.

6.  Permanent Residual Value

The property prices might increase or decrease, but unlike hedge funds or shares, the overall price will never shrink to zero.

7.  Capital Appreciation

The real estate investments and properties in Dubai are a sort of hybrid asset with capital appreciation.

8.  Investor Control Investment

Investors in Dubai have greater control over the size and nature of property investment. They can shift between different property types because diversification is readily available. The Dubai real estate market is tangible and predictable.

9.  Affordable Housing

Areas such as Jumeirah Village Circle and Dubai Sports City are viable options. They have property prices less than AED 750,000.

10. Real Estate Market Growth

With over 100 nationalities and leading real estate competitors, Dubai property transactions remained high in 2020. Also, the Dubai real estate sales transactions rose to 9.74% in 2020. This is high compared to the previous year’s property stats.