Aknan Villas


The importance and love of the concept of 'home' are universal values that span cultures, creeds and generations, dating back to time immemorial. To the Arabian culture, home is everything. The name, Aknan, meaning 'shelter' in Arabic, is a homage to the sentiment of home being such a central part of life.

To capture this incredible sentiment, we wanted to create homes that exude a warm welcome. Thus Aknan Villas came about – a collection of luxurious homes in AKOYA Oxygen, Dubai's greenest international golf community

Perfect inside and out, the villas at Aknan have just the right amount of space to decorate and utilise to your liking. With large windows opening out onto your private garden, the lush green surrounds are invited indoors to create a peaceful and picturesque living environment.

Amenities / Features

  • Spacious 3-bedroom villas
  • Private yard
  • Separate living/dining area and kitchen
  • Access to the world-class amenities of AKOYA Oxygen

Payment Plan

  • On Booking - 20%
  • 1st Installment - 5% - Within 180 days of Sale Date
  • 2nd Installment - 5% - Within 300 days of Sale Date
  • 3rd Installment - 10% - Within 540 days of Sale Date
  • 4th Installment - 10% - Within 720 days of Sale Date
  • 5th Installment - 10% - Within 900 days of Sale Date
  • 6th Installment - 10% - Within 1080 days of Sale Date
  • 7th Installment - 10% - Within 1260 days of Sale Date
  • 8th Installment - 10% - Within 1440 days of Sale Date
  • On Completion - 10%
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